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MYOTROPIN Human Growth Hormone 

100iu kit.

10vials x 10iu


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Why Buy Myotropin 100IU HGH

A potent non-peptide nicotinic receptor for ghrelin, myotropin has a protracted half-life in the body. Somatotropin production is promoted by the active ingredient. The drug is a potent inducer of IGF-1 and natural growth hormone production. Additionally, it has an energising effect on metabolic functions. Exercise increases bone density.

Myotropin stimulates the neurological system and the brain. The distinctive quality of the medication is that an increase in the production of molecules like somatotropin and IGF-1 does not increase cortisol levels. The drug alters the metabolic processes of fat cells, enabling users to burn fat quickly and making Myotropin an essential medication for the growth of lean muscle mass with little to no side effects. The substance affects the body similarly to somatotropin, however, it is less expensive each cycle and safer for health than transgenic somatotropin.

Benefits of Myotropin 100IU HGH:

Several athletes utilise myotropin to increase endurance and performance, increase muscle development and strength, and reduce body fat. The main advantage of using Myotropin is that it boosts the production of natural growth hormone, which has several positive benefits but does not change how the body functions or replaces natural hormones with synthetic ones. Somatotropin increases lipolysis and has a substantial anabolic effect.

  • Increase the production of somatotropin naturally
  • Increasing the production of insulin-like growth factor 1
  • To build lean muscle
  • Improve physical performance
  • Strengthen the bone tissue
  • Increase endurance
  • Increase fat burning
  • Boost metabolism
  • Enhances the immune system and the body's defence mechanisms

How to use Myotropin 100IU HGH:

Myotropin's effectiveness is unaffected by the user's age, gender, or other physical characteristics. Daily dosages of 25 mg are the same as injections of recombinant somatotropin. A capsule must be taken once a day on an empty stomach by athletes up to 80 kg. It is advised to take MYOTROPIN before going to bed because it could make you drowsy.

Overweight athletes should take two capsules daily, one in the morning before a meal on an empty stomach and one in the evening. The time that somatotropin synthesis is engaged after taking the medication is 8 hours or longer. For enhancing IGF-1 secretion, this duration of growth hormone production is beneficial.

Side effects:

There are no adverse effects from the active substance. The drug may cause fatigue, a little increase in appetite, and numbness in the upper extremities and fingers among athletes. Although they might not appear in all users, these symptoms are a sign of a high somatotropin concentration, which implies the drug's effectiveness. Similar to growth hormone, myotropin can encourage the body to retain fluid. Diuretics or dietary changes can be used to treat this disease.


At temperatures ranging from 68 Fahrenheit to 77 Fahrenheit, keep this drug away from heat, moisture, and light. Have all medications out of the range of youngsters.

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