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Buy Winstrol 10mg By Cenzo Pharma

Anabolic androgenic steroid stanozolol is produced in tablets. Additionally, Winstrol, an injectable substance, exists. The active ingredient in the medicine is stanozolol. Under the name "Winstrol," it was originally produced in 1962 by the pharmaceutical company Winthrop Research Laboratories. In those days, it was used to treat pallor, and hereditary angioneurotic oedema, and to speed up recovery from surgery.

Veterinarians also used the drug to increase appetite, strengthen bone structure, build muscle, and speed up blood flow in weak or disabled animals. Later, racehorses started receiving the drug to improve their speed execution. This inspired athletes, weightlifters, fighters, powerlifters, and other participants in strong sports to think about the drug.

Usage of Winstrol 10mg By Cenzo Pharma:

Stanozolol is the substance that makes Winstrol 50mg active. In terms of chemistry, testosterone and stanozolol are anabolic steroids that are both naturally occurring.

Stanozolol is used to treat hereditary angioedema, which causes swelling of the face, limbs, genitalia, intestinal wall, and throat.

Stanozolol has been shown to lower the intensity and frequency of these attacks. Due to stanozolol's ability to stop the production of bradykinin, the symptoms of a bradykinin storm may be less severe.

Benefits of Winstrol 10mg By Cenzo Pharma:

Winstrol further encourages the growth of powerful muscles. When combined with efficient training, Winstrol aids in the development of powerful muscles as opposed to other anabolic steroids, which only promote muscular growth without enhancing power. For those looking to gain muscle, this steroid is an excellent way to increase strength and muscle growth.

A common adverse effect of anabolic steroids is water retention, which makes it difficult for many bodybuilders to get the trim, muscular image they want. On the other hand, some bodybuilders don't mind using Anadrol if they only want to bulk up.

The fact that Winstrol does not promote water retention like other anabolic steroids is one of its advantages for bodybuilders. increases over time The word "endurance" refers to a person's capacity. The three qualities—speed, agility, and power—are all improved.

Chemical Formula:       


Dosage of Winstrol:

Winstrol dosage for adults is used as a prophylactic measure to minimise the frequency and intensity of angioedema attacks in those who have hereditary angioedema. When using anabolic steroids orally, the bioavailability of the active ingredient is reduced. For greater effects, it is advised to take the tablet steroid on an empty stomach. The best time to take the tablets is early in the day because that is when the cortisol hormone is producing at its highest level. In this instance, stanozolol inhibits the production of catabolic chemicals while protecting muscle filaments from deterioration.

Side effects:

This may cause the following effects.

  • Tendon damage and joint pain. To reduce the risks, we advise using Deca or testosterone during the cycle, together with extraordinary additional medications for the joints.
  • Antihypertensive drugs like enalapril or others can be used to address this indication.
  • Increased levels of cholesterol. Utilizing omega-3 fatty acids or other lipid-lowering medications during the cycle can eliminate this (atorvastatin, lovastatin).
  • A few androgenic adverse effects are also possible, including an acneiform rash, baldness, and reduced testosterone production.
  • Detrimental impact on the liver During the prescription cycle, the milk thorn separate is advised as a liver protector.
  • High dynamic part measurements lead to myocardial hypertrophy.


At temperatures ranging from 68 Fahrenheit to 77 Fahrenheit, keep this drug away from heat, moisture, and light. Have all medications out of the range of youngsters.

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