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Effects and benefits:

  • Indications and effectiveness
  • Isotretinoin is prescribed for the treatment of severe acne
  • Acne with nodules
  • Acne clusters
  • Acne with the potential for permanent scarring
  • Acne that is resistant to conventional treatments.

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Recommended dosage:

Isotretinoin’s therapeutic effectiveness and adverse effects are dose-dependent and patient-specific. This dictates the need for individual selection of the dose during treatment.

The optimal dosage has been demonstrated to be 120–150 mg per kg of body weight (per course of treatment), so the length of therapy for particular patients depends on the daily dose.

The amount of Accutane that is typically prescribed by a dermatologist for general acne breakouts ranges from 80 mg per day up to 160 mg per day. For a certain period of time, it must be taken with food, and occasionally the course of treatment may need to be repeated. But most people who use Accutane to treat steroid acne only take 10–20 mg per day.

Recommended duration of use:

They are typically only used for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. In most cases, 16 to 24 weeks of treatment is sufficient to completely eradicate acne.

Treatment can be continued at a lower dose but for a longer period of time in patients who do not respond well to the recommended dose. If there is a definite recurrence, a second course of isotretinoin therapy at the same daily and course dose as the first is recommended. A second course should not be recommended before the end of this time period because improvement may continue for up to 8 weeks after withdrawal.

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